Circle of Sisterhood

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We Love Each Other, We Love The Goddess, We Love Ourselves

Learning every day to become stronger, happier and more secure. We call each other in tears, we call each other in celebration. We have wine and dance.

The Connection with your Sisters IS the Path of the Goddess.

It's so hard to find each other. We are here. All women are welcome, and wanted. For friendship, circles, laughter, support, even if you just want an email buddy! ~ We are located EVERYWHERE; A party is held every full moon. There's always tons of Goddess talk, laughter, gossip and girl talk. We are a confidential group, meaning we're excellent secret keepers! No matter where you are in the world... there's a sister waiting to meet you. It doesn't take much for everyone to feel right at home, all you have to do is show up and smile. When you are in the realm of sisters, my love, my friend, my sister, you have nothing to fear. You are accepted. You are anticipated. You will be celebrated. We will be glad you're here.

All WOMEN are WELCOME ~ Maiden, Mother, Crone - Sister, Goddess, WITCH.
RAIN, July 2002

If nothing else,
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